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Explores power constructs in everyday interactions in the workplace through the lens of race, gender and other categories of identity with a focus on the challenges of workplace relationships involving coworkers, supervisors, and customers/clients. Some major skill areas covered in the course include recognizing conscious and unconscious biases and micro-aggressions, managing conflict related to various biases and successfully working on diverse teams.

Student Testimonial - Karina Ruffino, Fall 2022

"As the University of Virginia’s College at Wise Coordinator of Diversity Initiatives, UVA Wise Office for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, this course definitely built my knowledge and gave me ideas to further implement DEI on campus that will benefit everyone. I had a great time being in this course. I also wanted to say thank you for always providing me with great feedback in my assignments. I struggled a lot in undergrad finding myself but also feeling valued in class. Throughout this course I felt included, heard, and overall, I gained confidence as a student. You have no idea how much the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certificate has changed my life.”


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