The AI and Social Media Certificate at Berkeley College aims to address a growing need in the media industry for professionals equipped with specialized skills in AI and social media. The certificate is designed to cater to both current media professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of the relationship between AI and social media, and individuals interested in pursuing a career in media and communications.

This certificate program aligns with the evolving needs of the media industry and contributes to the professional development of individuals involved in social media and content production, as well as contributing to advancing the skills and expertise of professionals in the field of media. 

Target Audience: Marketing Managers, Social Media Specialists, Digital Marketers, Communication Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Industry Partners and Employers. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Examine AI's impact on media, employment, and society
  • Practice using both AI and social media ethically
  • Develop strategic social media skills and AI skills to analyze trends, design strategies, and create engaging content.
  • Learn to navigate and shape the evolving digital landscape using AI, social media insights, theory and practice.


  • SOC2110 - AI-Powered Communications (7-weeks | 3 credits)
  • APM2000 - Introduction to Social Media  (7 -weeks | 3 credits)


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students in the Continuing Education programs and courses are not eligible for Berkeley College grants, scholarships, financial aid, VA benefits, or career assistance.

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