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The Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Forensics Certificate is designed for students seeking to work in a field or occupation that utilizes the art and science of managing and profiling crime scenes. This certificate is designed to introduce students to a world in which science interacts with criminal justice and the courtroom.  

This program is designed for students looking to pursue a career in Justice Studies and/or are interested in eventually seeking a science-related degree in combination with their professional development or change of career/occupation.  

The CSI Forensics Certificate is ideal for those currently in the field as law enforcement personnel, such as attorneys, civil and criminal investigators, evidence custodians and technicians, and other members involved in criminal investigations who would like to further develop their skills and expertise. 

The courses in the 12-credit CSI Forensics CE Certificate courses will be offered in a 15-week format either onsite or online. Each course will be three (3) credit hours. Credits from completing this certificate program may be applied toward credits required for a B.S. degree in Justice Studies-Criminal Justice. Continuing Education students in the proposed CE Certificate program must complete and pass all four courses to be awarded the CE Certificate. 

.Key Takeaways

  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS 2022) estimates that between 2021 and 2031, the occupation of forensic science technicians, a closely related career field, will grow 11 percent, which is much faster than the national average for all occupations in the same decade (four percent).  

  • Earning a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Forensics Certificate helps students learn about the fundamentals of crime scenes, including the importance of criminal investigations and evidence collection. Students in the CSI Forensics Certificate Program will engage in hands-on activities on processing and preservation of evidence, documenting and writing reports, and other essential skills needed to present material in a court of law. 

  • The CSI Forensics Certificate Program allows students to delve deeper into CSI and Forensics by providing potential credit toward a bachelor’s in justice studies. The Certificate provides students an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of investigative techniques and evidence collection required by law enforcement to capture and process a crime scene and present in a court of law. 

Session 1:  

  • SCI2230 Forensic Science (3 Credits)
  • JUS3330 Crime Scene Investigation (3 Credits)

Session 2:  

  • SOC4422 Forensic Psychology (3 Credits)
  • NTS4402 Digital Forensics (3 Credits

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students in the Continuing Education programs and courses are not eligible for Berkeley College grants, scholarships, financial aid, VA benefits, or career assistance.

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