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The Berkeley College Continuing Education Community Health Worker Certificate provides members of the community seeking to improve public health with a credential that will build upon the strength or experiences of  individuals who have skills, and pre existing prior healthcare education such as home health aide, patient care technician, certified nurse aide, or psychiatric care technician. It can also introduce an alternative career path to those working in hospitals, community health centers, and with city, state, and federal governments. 

This certificate combines the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to work as a Community Health Worker. Additional potential employment opportunities would be in the field of health coaching or patient navigator roles. Students will be introduced to the role of the Community Health Worker and will learn how to educate members of the community in a culturally sensitive way. Community health services and community-based behavioral (mental) health services are covered. 

Methods for presenting information to clients for improving their health, written communication, and public speaking skills are presented, as well as motivating clients to make changes for the better. 

The Berkeley College Continuing Education Community Health Worker Certificate curriculum focuses on providing students with the skills necessary to execute a plan of care as determined by the health team insofar as motivational interviewing and client education are involved.

 Individuals with a high school diploma or its equivalent are welcome to enroll in this certificate program. The 12-credit program may be completed in two semesters and is offered in an online format and consists of four seven-week courses.

The six credits from the successful completion of HSM3320 and HSM4430 may count towards a B.B.A. in Health Services Management should participants wish to apply to this program. 

Key Takeaways

  • Builds awareness of the US Healthcare system and the communication skills needed when working with patients and providers.
  • Provides employees with strategies to impact the patient’s outcomes of treatment.
  • Provides real-world techniques to educate the local communities about screening tests and their importance.
  • Provide employees leadership skills to educate the community members on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle

Semester 1 Courses:

  • HSM3320   Community Health (7 weeks | 3 credits)
  • HSM4430   Behavioral Health (7 weeks | 3 credits)

Semester 2 Courses: 

  • HSM1110   Role of the Community Health Worker  (7 weeks | 3 credits)
  • HSM 2110  Transcultural and Health Education Skills for the Community Health Worker
                      (7 weeks | 3 credits)     

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students in the Continuing Education programs and courses are not eligible for Berkeley College grants, scholarships, financial aid, VA benefits, or career assistance.

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