Working together to ensure the security and resilience of the nation
Public-Private Partnerships (or PPPs) involve the collaboration between government agencies and private-sector companies.

The Berkeley College Public-Private Partnerships Certificate program is designed to expand knowledge and understanding among those working on Public-Private Partnerships, as well as those interested in learning about PPPs, including:

  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Finance
  • Project management
  • Public safety
  • And other disciplines and sectors

Individuals with a high school diploma or its equivalent are welcome to enroll in this certificate program.

The 15-credit program consists of five (seven-week format) online courses of three credits each. 

Credits may be applied toward a B.S. in National Security or B.B.A. in Management. The program can be completed in two semesters.

Key Takeaways

  • Partnerships for public purpose are the future of commerce and the delivery of public services. A well-rounded skill set in this domain is essential to career success in the private and public sectors.
  • The PPP certificate is a great way to test-drive the quality and utility of the many quality Berkeley College degrees.
  • The future holds a trend of private organizations working hand in hand with public organizations to address social issues. Professionals will need a strong understanding of this synergy to be successful.
  • Government and business professionals need a sound professional skill set of public private partnerships to function effectively in the interstate and international level.

Semester 1

  • LAW3335 Business Organizations and Corporations (7-week | 3 Credits)
  • MGT2220 Principles of Management (7-week | 3 Credits)

Semester 2

  • MGT3100 Project Management -An Introduction(7-week | 3 Credits)
  • JUS4401 Corporate Security Management (7-week | 3 Credits)
  • MGT4430 Leadership (7-week | 3 Credits)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students in the Continuing Education programs and courses are not eligible for Berkeley College grants, scholarships, financial aid, VA benefits, or career assistance.

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